In the spirit of the history and traditions of the game of golf, and in recognition to the lasting contributions to the field of American Golf and Landscape Architecture by Wayne E. Stiles, Bob Labbance and Kevin Mendik researched and wrote The Life and Work of Wayne StilesThe Life and Work of Wayne Stiles, book cover published in 2008. The intent was to honor a relatively unknown Golden Age American golf architect who has 35 original designs to his credit in Massachusetts alone, and a portfolio of 145 courses and consultations. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Stiles left behind relatively few writings and little had been written about him. He was not inclined towards self-promotion, was rarely photographed, and primarily focused on pleasing his clients and designing enjoyable golf holes. Stiles’ training and work as a landscape architect during his competitive golf years and subsequent golf architecture career instilled in him a strong understanding of the role of trees, sight lines and shading which in turn influenced the long term strategic implications associated with all elements of course maintenance. At some courses, much of his work has been preserved or restored; at others, virtually no Stiles features remain. The goal remains to increase recognition of Stiles’ and Van Kleek’s work, and to encourage their respective clubs to preserve and ideally restore original design features, while accommodating modern play, golf carts and environmental constraints not present during the Golden Age of American Golf Architecture.

The updated News and Notes section contains documentation of several Stiles designed courses not included in the book and recent developments regarding restoration efforts and other work at Stiles and Van Kleek courses. The Stiles Photos section contains personal family photos which were graciously provided by the Step-Granddaughter of Wayne Stiles. Publications and Articles features links to news stories about Stiles and Van Cleek and golf related writings by co-author Kevin Mendik since the book’s release in 2008. Visitors are encouraged to contact the Wayne Stiles Society with any information, photos or plans they may have regarding Stiles or Van Kleek and their work.

Pine Brook in Weston, MA has established the Wayne Stiles Cup for 2015, with the winner being determined based on play in club events. Over two dozen clubs have joined the Wayne Stiles Society, although no formal membership process yet exists. That process is under development, and is expected to bring the WSS on a par with other similar societies. It will include membership for clubs and individuals, bag tags and events. Thank you to the clubs who have expressed their interest and we look forward to more to come. Additional information will be published as it becomes available.  Wayne Stiles Society Charter Member Clubs